[YoerkSun] Kaijin Hime

Model made in Zbrush for the body of BHUNP and taken by me for the CBBE 3BA, based on the character Kaijin Hime/Princess Super S from the One Punch Man anime

it took me a few days to create it, I still had some problems because I had too many pieces....


Mod File Information

File name: [YoerkSun] Kaijin Hime.esp (9.95 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D6C KH Arms [Black] 33 - Hands
00000D6D KH Bikini [Black] 44 - Unnamed
00000D6E KH Boots [Black] 37 - Feet
00000D6F KH Flowers [Black] 45 - Unnamed
00000D70 KH Legs Bracelet [Black] 46 - Unnamed
00000D71 KH Mask [Black] 47 - Unnamed
00000D72 KH Necklace [Black] 48 - Unnamed
00000D73 KH Support [Black] 49 - Unnamed
00000D74 KH Tattoo [Black] 51 - Decapitate
00000D75 KH Top [Black] 32 - Body
00000802 KH WhipAC [Black] 52 - Unnamed

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