Post types

A post represents a single file that's been uploaded. Each post can have several tags. If you have an account, you can also add a post to your favorites.

There are two post types: mod posts and image posts. They can be accessed on their respective pages by clicking Mods or Images menu items at the top.


A mod is a post type that represents information about a mod for certain game(s), usually an outfit mod. Each mod in addition to tags can have primary image, image gallery, description and download links.

  • Primary image is reference to "image" post which used as thumbnail when browsing mods on search page
  • Gallery contains references to additional images depicting a mod
  • Download links are used to find where mod can be downloaded (usually mod author's website)


An image is a post type that represents single image file. Each mod in addition to tags can be referenced by mod by specifying that image is mod's primary image or adding image to mod's image gallery.

How to search

Searching for posts is straightforward. Simply enter the tags you want to search for, separated by spaces.

Example: searching for skyrim outfit will return every post that has both the skyrim tag AND the outfit tag.

There are several search options that can be used besides tag search.

Find mods by name

Example: name:night will return mods that contain text "night" in mod's name. This option is only available for mod search.

You can also use wrap mod name in quotes if you want to put spaces: name:"summer flirt".

Find images related to mod

Example: mod:123 will return images related to mod with identifier "123" (you can look up identifier on mod's page). This option is only available for image search.

Find posts in user's favorites

Example: favorited_by:admin will return posts that were added in favorites by user with name admin.

Find posts uploaded by user

Example: posted_by:admin will return posts that were uploaded by user with name admin.

Set "sort by" property

Example: sort_by:views will show posts that were viewed the most.

sort_by can accept one of following values:

  • auto (default) - sorting property will be automatically chosen depending on other search terms
  • bumped_at - last date when post was manually brought to the front page by admins
  • posted_at - date when post was initially created
  • updated_at - last date when any user has updated the post
  • views - number of times this post's details page was opened by website visitors

Order search results

Example: order:desc will return posts in descending order, order:asc will return posts in ascending order.

Search hints

  • TES V: Skyrim (released in 2011) and newer TES V: Skyrim: Special Edition (released in 2016) are split into two seperate game tags: skyrim and skyrim_se, respectively. TES V: Anniversary Edition (released in 2021) shares skyrim_se tag because SE and AE mods are mostly compatible with each other.
  • Body type tags are split into different tags for Skyrim and Skyrim: Special Edition. For example cbbe means CBBE body type for Skyrim and cbbe_se is CBBE body type for Skyrim: Special Edition. This split allows differentiating between two games.


Tags can be typed. Currently there are six types: game, author, body type, character, copyright, metadata.


Game tags identify the tag as the game. When tag applied for mod posts, game tags specify the game mod is made for. For images, game tags specify game where image (screenshot) was taken.


Author tags identify the tag as the author. For mods, authors are persons who made the mod and persons who created original art piece mod is based on. For images, author is person who created the image (took the screenshot).

Body type

Body type tags identify the tag as the body type. Body type is a mod that changes character mesh/skeleton and makes mod incompatible with other body types. This tag type only applies to games which have multiple incompatible character body mods (for example, Skyrim).


Character tags identify the tag as a character from known media (film, novel, anime, etc.). Character tags specify that mod or image is somehow related to that character (in case of outfit mod, character tag means that specific character uses that outfit).


The copyright type indicates the tag represents an anime, a game, a novel, or some sort of copyrighted setting.


Metadata tags describe additional information related to post. For example, clothing/armor mods are tagged with outfit tag, body texture mods - tagged with skin_textures tag.