[Christine] Knight Girl

A lore friendly light armor suitable for mages and vampires! Comes with a custom staff that has fireball, lighting chain, and frost variants. This armor is modular and comes with "alternative" designs! All armors support HDT-SMP only for the cuirass and loin cloth. Armors are crafted with Glass and Moonstone materials that require the Arcane Smithing perk.


Mod File Information

File name: [Christine] Knight Girl.esp (10.03 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000804 Knight Girl Boots 37 - Feet
0000080B Knight Girl Boots Slutty 37 - Feet
00000807 Knight Girl Cuirass 32 - Body
0000080C Knight Girl Cuirass Slutty 32 - Body
00000805 Knight Girl Gauntlets 33 - Hands
00000808 Knight Girl Lower 49 - Unnamed
Form Id Name Type
0000081A Knight Girl Staff Staff
0000081D Knight Girl Staff of Chain Lightning Staff
0000081B Knight Girl Staff of Fireballs Staff
0000081C Knight Girl Staff of Ice Storms Staff

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