Website update for December 17, 2021

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* Removed tag expansion from download link editors.
* Fixed *.esl and *.esm files not loading from archives on Upload page.
* Removed "Reverse Search" menu item on main page (it didn't work anyway).
* Dates are shown in UTC timezone, not in user's timezone.

Website update for November 25, 2021

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* Tags can imply other tags - implied tags are automatically added to tag list in post editor (tag search is not affected by this change).

Website update for November 23, 2021

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* Fixed first image is not being selected as primary in Upload page.
* Autocompletion suggestion is now inserted only if clicked with left mouse button.
* Autocompletion suggestion popup renders relative to caret if textbox is too big (>500 pixels).

Website update for November 22, 2021

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* Fixed toast popup animation not working.
* Fixed internal server error in autocompletion when typing non-ASCII data in autocompletion textbox.

Website update for November 21, 2021

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* Pressing Tab won't autocomplete current word anymore if autocompletion suggestions are not visible.
* Added missing favicons for various sites in download links.

Website update for November 17, 2021

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* Removed Google Analytics.

Website update for November 14, 2021

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* Upload: fixed text "undefined" appearing in download link's "Tag" field when importing data from metadata file.
* Upload/Mod Editor: fixed mod file name containing full path to ESP file when using automatic ESP extraction from archive.
* Fixed tag autocompletion control not always highlighting tags when there are multiple instances of such control on a single page.

Website update for November 13, 2021

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* Switched from Google Analytics to self-hosted solution which doesn't collect personal user data (Google Analytics temporarily stays enabled for a few days).
* Lock download links if their description matches mod name in mod editor.
* Download links can be reordered now.
* Added autocompletion to download link "Tags" field.

Website update for November 12, 2021

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* Allow RAR and ZIP files to be specified at Upload page.
* Disallow GIFs to be uploaded as images.
* Pressing Escape now hides tag autocompletion.
* Newly added download link will be locked if all other links are locked.
* Tags with zero posts won't show up in tag autocompletion anymore.
* Optimized performance of tag post counting.