[YoerkSun] New Dawn

Made in Zbrush, it's an outfit I've been working on for some time, Originally made for BHUNP LE with SE Support and CBBE 3BA / 3BBB bodylide,

this is already becoming a MEME, but again I say I was supposed to be a super model basic and simple, but I ended up creating a great model again .... I don't think I can create more simple things T.T


Mod File Information

File name: [YoerkSun] New Dawn.esp (11.09 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D6F New Dawn Bra 44 - Unnamed
00000D70 New Dawn DogTag 45 - Unnamed
00000D71 New Dawn Gloves 33 - Hands
00000D72 New Dawn Horns 46 - Unnamed
00000D73 New Dawn Legs 47 - Unnamed
00000D74 New Dawn Mask 48 - Unnamed
000012D7 New Dawn Panty 47 - Unnamed
000012D8 New Dawn Shoes 37 - Feet
000012D9 New Dawn Spike 52 - Unnamed
000012DA New Dawn Swimsuit 32 - Body
000012DB New Dawn Tail 60 - Unnamed
000012DD New Dawn Top 32 - Body
000012DC New Dawn Top Alt 32 - Body
00001DA4 New Dawn Top Vortex 32 - Body

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