[YoerkSun] End Of Summer

made in Zbrush, I decided to bring a more basic model, I recently explored a site/game, perhaps little known, called Second Life, and to the surprise of 0 people, it is one of the sites besides DAZ, that comes out some models. of several "MODDER" that say he made it from 0, so the idea came to me, instead of just bringing the model, painting and saying that it wasn't made by me. I'll try to recreate based on what I think would look good,

the idea of the original model was more on the lingerie side, but as summer is ending for some, I decided to mix it up,

It's a Super Simple model, I still need a break, because Project B-09 gave me a lot of work, and a lot of mental fatigue,

And I will probably start bringing the older outfits update for BHUNP V3 and CBBE 3BA later this month


Mod File Information

File name: [YoerkSun] End Of Summer.esp (6.68 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D64 EOF Swinsuit [Red] 32 - Body
00000808 EOF Swinsuit 01 [Black] 32 - Body
00000809 EOF Swinsuit 01 [Blue] 32 - Body
0000080A EOF Swinsuit 01 [Vine] 32 - Body
0000080B EOF Swinsuit 01 [White] 32 - Body

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