Senketsu (Kill la Kill) Ryuko

Two Outfits from Ryuko (Kill la Kill) and her Weapons too, for T3 Patreons (ONLY) there is a second version for the suits with tight slider, and custom Breasts SMP paint


Mod File Information

File name: [Predator] Sunketsu (Kill la Kill) Ryuko.esp (11.88 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D67 Senketsu Full Sync Gloves 33 - Hands
00000D68 Senketsu Full Sync Hair 31 - Hair, 41 - Long Hair
00000D63 Senketsu Full Sync Suit 32 - Body, 37 - Feet
00000D69 Senketsu Full Sync Wings 48 - Unnamed
00000D73 Senketsu Kisaragi Flame 60 - Unnamed
00000D71 Senketsu Kisaragi Gloves 33 - Hands
00000D74 Senketsu Kisaragi Hair 31 - Hair, 41 - Long Hair
00000D75 Senketsu Kisaragi Head Gear 42 - Circlet
00000D70 Senketsu Kisaragi Suit 32 - Body, 37 - Feet
00000D72 Senketsu Kisaragi Wings 48 - Unnamed
Form Id Name Type
00000805 Red Scissor Battleaxe
00000806 Red Scissor Blade Left Dagger
00000809 Red Scissor Blade Right Dagger
00000807 Red Scissor Decaptation Mode Left Dagger
00000808 Red Scissor Decaptation Mode Right Dagger

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