RyanReos Milk Apron

Can I get uh some Iced Latte with some breast milk I mean breast milk sorry I mean breast milk I mean breast milk…
This mod contains ALL outfit pieces from RyanReos’ Milk Apron, that were modified for usage in Skyrim Special Edition by Cloudbird and myself.


Mod File Information

File name: [immyneedscake] RyanReos MilkApron.esp (12.09 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000DDC [RyanReos] Milk Apron - Black 32 - Body
00000DDD [RyanReos] Milk Apron - Blue 32 - Body
00000D66 [RyanReos] Milk Apron - Green 32 - Body
00000DDE [RyanReos] Milk Apron - Red 32 - Body
00000DDF [RyanReos] Milk Apron - White 32 - Body
00000DED [RyanReos] Milk Mask - Black 44 - Unnamed
00000DEC [RyanReos] Milk Mask - Blue 44 - Unnamed
00000DEE [RyanReos] Milk Mask - Green 44 - Unnamed
00000DEB [RyanReos] Milk Mask - Red 44 - Unnamed
00000DEA [RyanReos] Milk Mask - White 44 - Unnamed

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