Northern Priestess

Before we begin I'd like to give a special thanks to chronotrigger77 and nsk13 for lending me most of the meshes for this mod, with out which I would not have been able to make this.

Now first off, if it wasn't already obvious form the screen shots this is not an overly "lore-friendly" mod, further more it is a skimpy clothing mod, if that's not your thing I understand and certainly won't hold that against you. However, I would ask that you keep your criticisms constructive in nature.

Northern Priestess is a clothing mod with eighteen pieces of equipable clothing and jewelry. For obvious reasons, none of these items have armor ratings or temper recipes nor can they be forged or bought from any vendor.

I have however made procuring these item easy enough. The outfit and it's accoutrements can be found in a barrel inside the temple of Kynereth, in Whitreun.

This outfit was made with mages in mind, all items are enchantable and eight items equipable at any given time, there are lot of potential buffs for any one who has invested in their enchanting tree.

Currently, northern priestess only supports CBBE, specifically my own CBBE preset "LGB" which can be found in the optional files section.


Mod File Information

File name: Northern Priestess - EX.esp (17.34 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D76 Engraved Armlets 34 - Forearms
00000D78 Engraved Collar 35 - Amulet
00000D7D Engraved Thigh Chain 53 - Unnamed
00000D85 Full Robe 51 - Decapitate
00000D84 Half Robe 51 - Decapitate
00000D82 Leather Leg Wrap 58 - Unnamed
00000D83 Meatl Leg Wrap 58 - Unnamed
00000D81 Ornate Panties 48 - Unnamed
00000D75 Plated Armlets 34 - Forearms
00000D7F Plated Circlet 42 - Circlet
00000D77 Plated Collar 35 - Amulet
00000D7A Plated Skirt 52 - Unnamed
00000D7C Plated Thigh Chain 53 - Unnamed
00000D74 Studded Armlets 34 - Forearms
00000D80 Studded Breast Guard 32 - Body
00000D7E Studded Circlet 42 - Circlet
00000D79 Studded Skirt 52 - Unnamed
00000D7B Studded Thigh Chain 53 - Unnamed

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