[DKnight13] Elden Ring - Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Goddess of Rot armor sets are ported to Skyrim from Elden Ring. The outfit comes with Malenia's Winged Helm, Winged Helm (Altered), Dress, Cape, Prosthetic Arm, Greaves, Underwear, Hair Phase 2, Face Scabs, Naked Body, Naked Body (No Scabs), and her weapon the Hand of Malenia. All items are crafted and tempered under Ebony smithing. The outfit is available for Skyrim LE for UUNP, UUNP 3BBB, CBBE, and CBBE 3BBB bodyslides and Skyrim SE for BHUNP, CBBE 3BA, and TBD bodyslides. Malenia's Winged Helm, Dress, Cape, Hair Phase 2, Naked Body, and Naked Body (No Scabs) have HDT Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP).


Mod File Information

File name: Elden Ring - Malenia.esp (14.86 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D67 Malenia's Cape 48 - Unnamed
00000D65 Malenia's Dress 32 - Body
00002877 Malenia's Face Scabs 44 - Unnamed
00000D63 Malenia's Greaves 37 - Feet
00001DAA Malenia's Hair Phase 2 31 - Hair
000012D3 Malenia's Naked Body 32 - Body
00002874 Malenia's Naked Body (No Scabs) 32 - Body
00000D69 Malenia's Prosthetic Arm 33 - Hands
00000D6B Malenia's Underwear 52 - Unnamed
00000D6D Malenia's Winged Helm 31 - Hair, 42 - Circlet
000012DB Malenia's Winged Helm (Altered) 42 - Circlet
0000230F Malenia's Wings 45 - Unnamed
Form Id Name Type
00000D6F Hand of Malenia Sword

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