(YS) The Last Day

this outfit was made in Zbrush for the BHUNP body. based on some random image. I did it for the legendary edition and ported it to the special.

Skyrim does not accept this model very well due to the location of the bones and how the Bodyslide handles it. the only solution would be to remove the physique from the breasts. therefore, to avoid bugs, it is recommended to use the "Zeroed" preset and the additional slides that I have placed.

otherwise, it can cause deformities in the clothes (although I have reduced 80% of the effects of this)


Mod File Information

File name: (YS)TheLastDay.esp (3.23 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
000012CB (TheLastDay Bottom 32 - Body
000012CC (TheLastDay Bottom XXX 32 - Body
000012CD (TheLastDay LegsBelt 46 - Unnamed
000012CA (TheLastDay Top 45 - Unnamed

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