[YoerkSun] SandStorm

Made in Zbrush, based on the cosplay of the character Ankha (Animal Crossing),

this is a model that should have come out on the 15th, but due to monitor problems it was delayed, as an apology I left the slides in the version in both versions, unfortunately it was not possible to recreate them in CBBE

"Images and phrases had to be censored due to Patreon Rules"
Used hair Yundao Egypt Hair, not included in mod


Mod File Information

File name: [YoerkSun] SandStorm.esp (12.30 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
000012DF SS Bracelet [White] 57 - Unnamed
000012D1 SS Crown [White] 46 - Unnamed
000012D2 SS Ear [White] 44 - Unnamed
000012D3 SS Gloves [White] 47 - Unnamed
000012D4 SS Legs Bandage [White] 48 - Unnamed
000012D5 SS Neck Bandage [White] 58 - Unnamed
000012D7 SS Panty [Alt][White] 32 - Body, 34 - Forearms, 38 - Calves
000012D8 SS Panty [Slutty][White] 32 - Body, 34 - Forearms, 38 - Calves
000012D6 SS Panty [White] 32 - Body, 34 - Forearms, 38 - Calves
000012D9 SS Socks [White] 60 - Unnamed
000012DA SS Tail [White] 45 - Unnamed
000012DC SS Top [Alt][White] 59 - Unnamed
000012DD SS Top [Slutty][White] 59 - Unnamed
000012DB SS Top [White] 59 - Unnamed

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