Roar Armor

Lore friendly modular light armor! This armor is balanced to steel armor but lighter. Male and female supported! Supports vanilla males, SOS males, CBBE, 3BAv2, and BHUNPv3. Also comes with OPTIONAL HDT-SMP that you can choose in the fomod.


Mod File Information

File name: Roar Armor.esp (5.92 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000805 Roar Armor Boots 37 - Feet
00000808 Roar Armor Cuirass 32 - Body
00000806 Roar Armor Gauntlets 33 - Hands
00000809 Roar Armor Helmet 31 - Hair, 42 - Circlet
0000080A Roar Armor Lower 52 - Unnamed

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