[Melodic] Blood Red Outfit

Hello everyone!  (*^ワ^*)
Smexy outfit that i very like, and hope you like it too !

Mod contains:
Top Alt
Bottom Alt
Pauldron Left
Pauldron Right
Bracelet  Left
Bracelet  Right
Arm Left
Arm Right
Leggings Left
Leggings Right
Boot Left
Boot Right

Both UUNP and CBBE Bodyslide

*archive dont have prebuilded meshes, so use bodyslide first.

Patron update will come soon! 

Cheers!  (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


Mod File Information

File name: [Melodic] Blood Red Outfit.esp (15.72 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00001836 Blood Red Arm L 33 - Hands
00001837 Blood Red Arm R 33 - Hands
00001835 Blood Red Arms 33 - Hands
0000182C Blood Red Boot L 37 - Feet
0000182D Blood Red Boot R 37 - Feet
0000182B Blood Red Boots 37 - Feet
0000183A Blood Red Bottom 52 - Unnamed
0000183B Blood Red Bottom Alt 52 - Unnamed
00001DA2 Blood Red Bracelet L 34 - Forearms
00001DA3 Blood Red Bracelet R 34 - Forearms
00001DA1 Blood Red Bracelets 34 - Forearms
00001DA9 Blood Red LeggingL 38 - Calves
00001DA8 Blood Red LeggingR 38 - Calves
00001DA7 Blood Red Leggings 38 - Calves
00001DAB Blood Red Panties 49 - Unnamed
00001DB1 Blood Red Pauldron L 57 - Unnamed
00001DB0 Blood Red Pauldron R 57 - Unnamed
00001DAF Blood Red Pauldrons 57 - Unnamed
00001830 Blood Red Top 32 - Body
00001831 Blood Red Top Alt 32 - Body