Layered Gowns

4 lovely flowy gowns and matching gloves for all your ballroom needs in skyrim SE :D

-4K textures custom made in Substance Painter
-SMP dress, build in bodyslide before use!
-How to get: Craftable, AIM, console


Mod File Information

File name: [Cloud]LayeredGowns.esp (6.14 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000FDC Layered Gowns - Automata Dress 32 - Body
00000FDE Layered Gowns - Automata Gloves 33 - Hands
00000FD8 Layered Gowns - Royalty Dress 32 - Body
00000FDA Layered Gowns - Royalty Gloves 33 - Hands
00000F9D Layered Gowns - Snow Queen Dress 32 - Body
00000FCA Layered Gowns - Snow Queen Gloves 33 - Hands
00000FD4 Layered Gowns - Starry Night Dress 32 - Body
00000FD6 Layered Gowns - Starry Night Gloves 33 - Hands

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