Dark Souls - Gwynevere Princess of Sunlight - Follower and Outfit

This mod adds custom made follower Gwynevere with outfit from Dark Souls to Skyrim. Gwynevere is the Princess of Sunlight and daughter of Lord Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. In Dark Souls you meet Gwynevere in Anor Londo right after you defeat Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. She then she bestows upon you the Lord Vessel to begin your journey to collect the Lord Soul Shards and to link the First Flame. In Dark Souls 3 her descendants and hand maidens souls can be transposed into the miracles "Soothing Sunlight" and "Bountiful Sunlight" that restore you vitality when used. 

In Skyrim, however, Gwynevere is a tank healer support follower that utilizes Grand Healing, Greater Ward, and has all the Restoration Perks. Gwynevere also can use ranged attacks and fights defensively. Gwynevere's outfit comes with the Sun Princess' Veil, Blouse, Sleeves, Waist-wraps, Pants, Leg-wraps, and Skirt. All outfit pieces can be crafted and tempered at any forge under "leather". Custom HDT Skinned Mesh Physics is applied to the veil and skirt. The outfit comes with both UUNP and CBBE bodyslides for all armor pieces, except for the veil. The set is of course is a female exclusive set. BodySlide also includes 3BBB SMP for both UUNP and CBBE bodies.


Mod File Information

File name: DS Gwynevere's Set.esp (12.52 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00002872 AAA_DS_Gwynevere_Body 31 - Hair, 32 - Body, 33 - Hands, 37 - Feet, 41 - Long Hair
00000D73 Sun Princess' Blouse 32 - Body
00000D6F Sun Princess' Leg-Wraps 47 - Unnamed
00000D6B Sun Princess' Pants 49 - Unnamed
00000D63 Sun Princess' Skirt 45 - Unnamed
00000D75 Sun Princess' Sleeves 34 - Forearms
00000D7B Sun Princess' Veil 42 - Circlet
00000D67 Sun Princess' Waistwrap 52 - Unnamed