Y'shtola Scion of the Seventh Dawn Outfit

I ported Y'shtola's outfit from Final Fantasy XIV to Skyrim using meshes from Dissidia NT.
The outfit is for 3BA and has an SMP skirt, tail, and tassles on the pants.
Her weapon is also included as a staff of mending (heal other) since Skyrim doesn't have any rock based magic spells and her class is related to white mage, taking a support role in party combat.
The hairstyle used in the screenshot is #145 from Tullius Hair 3


Mod File Information

File name: YshtolaFFXIV.esp (2.13 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000801 Y'shtola's Blue Trousers 37 - Feet
00000800 Y'shtola's White Dalmatica 32 - Body
Form Id Name Type
00000804 Y'shtola's Budding Maple Wand Staff

Comments (2)

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2. stain2003 - 7/6/2024, 04:48 AM
Pardon me for another question about the hair, is the version of tullius hair you use is the newset? because I can't find the exact same hair in your screenshots

1. Rorikyo - 5/4/2024, 02:14 AM
Hello, quick question, does the ears come with the hair\wig or is a seperate mod?