Kozakowy's Accessories

Here is my accessories collection, that I did over last few years. I decided to make this version public. This package doesn't need HDT.


Mod File Information

File name: KozakowyAccessories.esp (11.49 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
0000807F Kozakowy Angel Mask Black 42 - Circlet
0000807D Kozakowy Angel Mask White 42 - Circlet
000012C8 Kozakowy Elf Queen Neck Piece 45 - Unnamed
00004349 Kozakowy Elf Queen Neck Piece Gold 45 - Unnamed
0000434B Kozakowy Elf Queen Neck Piece Silver 45 - Unnamed
0000537C Kozakowy Neck Rings 16 Gold 35 - Amulet
0000537D Kozakowy Neck Rings 16 Silver 35 - Amulet
000048B0 Kozakowy Neck Rings Gold 35 - Amulet
00004E17 Kozakowy Neck Rings Silver 35 - Amulet
00004E16 Kozakowy Neck Rings Two Gold 35 - Amulet
00004E18 Kozakowy Neck Rings Two Silver 35 - Amulet
000058E2 Kozakowy Victorian Cape Neck Piece 45 - Unnamed

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