Anna Night

Anna Night outfit by Armistice, featuring a unique lingerie outfit that comes in 4 different colors. The outfit comes with CBBE SE and TBD SE bodyslides support.


Mod File Information

File name: AnnaNightOutfit.esp (13.19 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D6C Anna Corset (Black) 32 - Body
00000D6D Anna Corset (Pink) 32 - Body
00000D6F Anna Corset (Red) 32 - Body
00000D71 Anna Corset (White) 32 - Body
00000D73 Anna Stockings (Black) 53 - Unnamed
00000D75 Anna Stockings (Pink) 53 - Unnamed
00000D77 Anna Stockings (Red) 53 - Unnamed
00000D79 Anna Stockings (White) 53 - Unnamed
00000D7B Anna Vest (Black) 48 - Unnamed
00000D7D Anna Vest (Pink) 48 - Unnamed
00000D7F Anna Vest (Red) 48 - Unnamed
00000D81 Anna Vest (White) 48 - Unnamed

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