[Vtaw] Cammy White CBBE Outfit for Fallout 4

This mod adds Cammy White outfit from Street Fighter to Fallout 4 based on CBBE body with CBP Physics (If you need more performance, you don't need to install physics).

This is not a port, models and textures were made from scratch in a three-dimensional graphics program. The textures are also made in 4K resolution for greater detail in the game, as well as additional variations of materials that can be obtained for a subscription to Patreon (The author has many more good costumes, buying a subscription once, you buy yourself all the materials from other costumes that you definitely like).

Additional texture sets (Material swaps) for Tier Supporter+ and up
Cammy Boots, V2, V3 - 8 Material swaps
Cammy Gauntlet - 9 Material swaps
Cammy Harness - 6 Material swaps
Cammy Harness Leg - 6 Material swaps
Cammy Hat, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 - 10 Material swaps
Cammy Leotard, V2, V3 - 30 Material swaps
Cammy Glove - 10 Material swaps
You can get them here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/66933906

For low-end PC: This suit contains an excessive number of polygons and high-res textures. This mod is not recommended for low-end hardware, and if you have a 1GB video card, then there may be crashes due to lack of memory when you switch to a third-person view.


Mod File Information

File name: VtawCammy.esp (36.87 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000F9B Vtaw Cammy Boots 33 - Body
00000F9E Vtaw Cammy Gauntlet 37 - [U] L Arm
00001FBF Vtaw Cammy Gloves 34 - L Hand, 35 - R Hand
00000FA7 Vtaw Cammy Harness 54 - Unnamed
00000FAA Vtaw Cammy Harness Bag 55 - Unnamed
00000FA4 Vtaw Cammy Hat 46 - Headband
00000FB3 Vtaw Cammy Hat -3 46 - Headband
00000FAD Vtaw Cammy Hat +2 46 - Headband
00000FB0 Vtaw Cammy Hat +3 46 - Headband
00000FB6 Vtaw Cammy Hat 4 46 - Headband
00001FC7 Vtaw Cammy Hat 6 46 - Headband
00000FA1 Vtaw Cammy Leotard 41 - [A] Torso
00001FC1 Vtaw Cammy Leotard V2 41 - [A] Torso
00001FC4 Vtaw Cammy Leotard V3 41 - [A] Torso

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