Terra Branford Magitek outfit

Terra Branford Magitek outfit from Dissidia NT ported to Skyrim 3BA body with SMP physics.
Includes SMP cape and cloth physics, SMP earrings, and SMP bracelet.
Comes in 3 colors, as in Dissidia NT.
Two weapons included, Terra's Enhancer and her dagger.
Nothing is integrated into the game world so you will need AddItemMenu/QUI or type "Help Magitek" into the console
Hair not included/sold seperately. I am using dint Hair Pack 02 (_d02HW_19aH)


Mod File Information

File name: Terra VI.esp (15.06 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
0000091B Magitek Earrings 55 - Unnamed
0000091C Magitek Earrings 2C 55 - Unnamed
0000091D Magitek Earrings 3C 55 - Unnamed
0000080A Magitek Knight Dress 32 - Body
0000080D Magitek Knight Dress 2C 32 - Body
00000810 Magitek Knight Dress 3C 32 - Body
00000809 Magitek Knight Gloves 33 - Hands
0000080C Magitek Knight Gloves 2C 33 - Hands
0000080F Magitek Knight Gloves 3C 33 - Hands
0000080B Magitek Knight Pants 37 - Feet
0000080E Magitek Knight Pants 2C 37 - Feet
00000811 Magitek Knight Pants 3C 37 - Feet
Form Id Name Type
00000918 Magitek Enhancer Sword
00000916 Magitek Knife Dagger

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