SMP Telvanni Myconic Prosthesis

Adds a Telvanni themed armor set and a magical prosthesis with 8 powerful spells tied to it

Armor set acquisition: the chestpiece comes in two variant, one that hides character's left arm so it doesn't clip with the prosthesis and one that doesn't. Talvas Fathryon in Tel Mithryn is wearing this set and carries an extra one that you can pick up from him once he becomes your follower. It can also be crafted in the forge and tempered with no extra perks required.
Prosthesis acquisition: Sycophant lies on an enchanting table in the room with the staff enchanter in Tel Mithryn, the room can be accessed by completing vanilla Tel Mithryn questline. It can also be crafted in the forge with no extra perks required. It is upgradable and temperable in the forge and comes in three tiers each adding new spells:


Mod File Information

File name: telvanniseeker.esl (32.75 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000824 Nourished Sycophant 33 - Hands
00000820 Ravenous Sycophant 33 - Hands
00000823 Sycophant 33 - Hands
0000081D Telvani Seeker Gloves 33 - Hands
0000081E Telvanni Seeker Boots 37 - Feet
00000821 Telvanni Seeker Cuirass 32 - Body
00000822 Telvanni Seeker Cuirass (No Prosthesis) 32 - Body
0000081F Telvanni Seeker Helmet 31 - Hair, 42 - Circlet

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