Nier Automata Weapons Pack

This contains almost(?) every single weapon in Nier Automata, including the combat bracers. I sniffed the stuff out from multiple websites, creators, and discord servers, implemented into the game, and made a pack.


Mod File Information

File name: [immyneedscake] Nier Weapon Pack.esp (13.14 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000826 Nier Combat Bracers - Angel's Folly 59 - Unnamed
00000825 Nier Combat Bracers - Demon's Cry 59 - Unnamed
00000824 Nier Combat Bracers - Type-3 Fists 59 - Unnamed
Form Id Name Type
00000817 Beastbane Dagger
0000081E Beastcurse Battleaxe
0000081A Beastlord Battleaxe
00000811 Cruel Blood Oath Greatsword
00000813 Cruel Oath Sword
0000080F Faith Sword
00000819 Fang of the Twins Battleaxe
00000815 Iron Will Battleaxe
00000818 Pheonix Dagger Dagger
0000081D Pheonix Lance Battleaxe
0000081B Pheonix Sword Battleaxe
0000081F Spear of the Usurper Battleaxe
0000081C Type-3 Blade Battleaxe
00000816 Type-3 Sword Sword
00000812 Virtuous Contract Sword
00000820 Virtuous Dignity Battleaxe
00000810 Virtuous Treaty Greatsword
00000814 YoRHa-issue Blade Sword

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