Lind's Marksmage Garb

This mod adds a new set of clothing for female characters, UNP bodytype, also available for UNPC HDT, 7bO HDT, 7b Bombshell HDT, UNPB HDT
UUNP Bodyslide HDT files available.
The outfit includes a top, trousers, an armlet, and a scarf.
Everything is both craftable and enchantable.


Mod File Information

File name: LindsMarksmageGarb.esp (3.90 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
0000182F Marksmage Armlet 59 - Unnamed
00000D63 Marksmage Garb 32 - Body
000012CB Marksmage Scarf 56 - Unnamed
00000D66 Marksmage Trousers 52 - Unnamed

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