Kozakowy's Leto Outfit

This is a 3d recreation of Leto Vanity Outfit designed by a costume artist called Nylh. It's a female mage outfit with features similar to the Archmage's Robes.


Mod File Information

File name: KozakowyLetoOutfit.esp (5.41 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00004E13 Kozakowy Leto Bracers 34 - Forearms
000012C8 Kozakowy Leto Headdress 31 - Hair
000048AD Kozakowy Leto Necklacer Full 35 - Amulet
000048AB Kozakowy Leto Necklacer Openwork 35 - Amulet
00004E11 Kozakowy Leto Outfit 32 - Body