Aranea Highwind's Outfit

Aranea Highwind's outfits and weapon from Final Fantasy XV ported to Skyrim and fit to the 3BA body with SMP physics
There is physics on the heavy armor cuirass skirt and cape pieces, the jacket and scarf, as well as the heavy armor helmet spinal dragon tail. I did not put physics on the wing pieces because I ran out of bones (I had to delete half the skirt bones to make the cape and skirt work together as it is)
The weapon is a greatsword and has an Animated Armoury patch to act as a pike or spear
If you wear the heavy armor cuirass without the matching boots the cloth will clip into the floor since it is too long, but it won't clip into the floor if you wear the boots. If I had made it so it didn't clip into the floor while not wearing the boots it would not work properly with the boots equipped so I compromised and prioritized the full set. If you want to wear the cuirass and don't want the boots, move the virtualground in outfit studio to be higher, save the project, and rebuild the outfit.


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