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Tags the_elder_scrolls skyrim_se bhunp_se cbbe_3ba cbbe_se sunjeong armor boots breastplate cape cloth_physics female female_only multiple_colors multiple_textures multiple_variations skirt stockings tasset vambraces
Credit: Ida-Faber for the original armor. Rio Grande for buying armor and commissioning. Armor comes with Extended Use License for commercial and non-commercial distribution. A lore friendly light armor that's elven style! Balanced to the elven armor set. Modular with 3 recolors and a slutty version. HDT-SMP on the skirt, tasset, and cape! Non-SMP is NOT available. Supports CBBE, 3BAv2, and BHUNPv3 (ver 3.70). - There are ZAPS for the boots to remove the stockings!
Name [Christine] Ida Elf Archer