[Xuniana] Fachan

Happy 2020! 

I'm sorry I am really late, because I want to take a good rest at the end of 2019. But I ’m back now and I ’ve brought some small gifts

Body: UUNP_UNPBO 3.2 

Add UUNP Bodyslide
Fixed many invisible but time-consuming stupid issues
Update textures
2020 02 20

Fixed the wight problem

Mod Contains: 
Clothes (3 Colors)
Clothes Alt (3 Colors) 
UUNP Bodyslide 
Hope U like

And Thanks for supporting :3


Mod File Information

File name: [Xuniana]Fachan.esp (6.58 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D65 Fachan_alt01 32 - Body
000012D5 Fachan_alt02 32 - Body
000012D7 Fachan_alt03 32 - Body
00000D63 Fachan01 32 - Body
000012D1 Fachan02 32 - Body
000012D3 Fachan03 32 - Body