Spo Clothing

Another outfit from the depths of Baidu that has been graciously given to me by a user named Biscuit. This features a somewhat modern? outfit sporting a semi frilly skirt and cute modular accessories!


Mod File Information

File name: [SunJeong] Spo Cloth.esp (6.27 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D70 Spo Dress 32 - Body
00000D6D Spo Hands 33 - Hands
00000D6F Spo Head 42 - Circlet
00000D64 Spo Heels 37 - Feet
00000D6C Spo Legs 53 - Unnamed
00000D6E Spo Neck 35 - Amulet
00000D71 Spo Panty 49 - Unnamed

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