Op Qinglang Outfit

An outfit fit for assassins. Providing tactical skin tight protection for quick and silent movement! Except maybe the super tall heels.....light armor outfit with an armor rating that's worth wearing for game play without being too broken!


Mod File Information

File name: [SunJeong] Op Qinglang.esp (7.03 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
000012D3 Qinglang Bodysuit A 32 - Body, 37 - Feet
000012D4 Qinglang Bodysuit B 32 - Body, 37 - Feet
000012D5 Qinglang Bodysuit C 32 - Body, 37 - Feet
000012D6 Qinglang Gauntlets A 33 - Hands
000012D7 Qinglang Gauntlets B 33 - Hands
000012D8 Qinglang Gauntlets C 33 - Hands