Nadina Linda Armor

An archer style light armor that combines the colors of the forest for the perfect stealth take down. Its light nature helps the wearer move with ease and be deemed worthy of the archery arts. This mod comes with a torso, arm bracelets, bracers, a skirt, boots, rings, an amulet, and a circlet. This mod also comes with a custom bow and arrows. Supports any body physics mod. 

I made some personal improvements to this mod. Namely, increasing the dreadfully low poly count of the outfit! The reason I did this is because they looked so blocky and ugly. Plus the Bodyslide sliders made it worse. 

Top: 450 polys ---> 6,000 polys
Boots: 515 polys ---> 7,000 polys  

Note: This mod is ESL only. ESLs won't count against load order and they can still be explored with AddItemMenu2. Don't worry.


Mod File Information

File name: LindaOutfit.esl (10.40 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D62 Linda Amulet 35 - Amulet
00000D64 Linda Armbands 59 - Unnamed
00000D66 Linda Boots 37 - Feet, 38 - Calves
00000D68 Linda Bracers 33 - Hands
00000D6A Linda Circlet 42 - Circlet
00000D6E Linda Ring 36 - Ring
00000D6C Linda Ring (Left) 60 - Unnamed
00000D70 Linda Skirt 49 - Unnamed
00000D72 Linda Top 32 - Body
Form Id Name Type
00000F64 Linda Bow Bow