[Christine] Violet Sorceress

A set of light armor intended for mages that want extra protection. This mod also comes with custom staffs each with a different Destruction magic ability. The armor has been integrated into the ElvenArmor leveled list and can be crafted with the elven smithing perk. Slutty variant included.

Note: The lower part of armor also has SMP. Non-SMP option is also available for users that don't use SMP. Build the correct one in Bodyslide.


Mod File Information

File name: [Christine] Violet Sorceress Aphrodite.esp (9.56 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D68 Violet Sorceress Boots 37 - Feet
00000D6A Violet Sorceress Hood 42 - Circlet
00000806 Violet Sorceress Lower 52 - Unnamed
00000807 Violet Sorceress Lower Slutty 52 - Unnamed
00000D69 Violet Sorceress Upper 32 - Body
00000D6D Violet Sorceress Upper Slutty 32 - Body
Form Id Name Type
00000801 Violet Sorceress Staff of Flames Staff
00000802 Violet Sorceress Staff of Frost Staff
00000803 Violet Sorceress Staff of Lightning Staff

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