Apex Senior Armor

A modern looking battle outfit designed for assassins. Not very lore friendly but it looks good! Armor is classified as light armor except for the hood and the glasses which are categorized as clothing. This mod also comes with a nice sword.


Mod File Information

File name: [SunJeong] Apex Senior.esp (7.68 KB)
Form Id Name Equipment Slot
00000D65 Apex Boots 37 - Feet
00000D66 Apex Cuirass 32 - Body
00014684 Apex Cuirass 2 32 - Body
00014685 Apex Cuirass 3 32 - Body
00014686 Apex Cuirass 4 32 - Body
0000182F Apex Gauntlets 33 - Hands
0000182E Apex Glasses 55 - Unnamed
000120CD Apex Hood 31 - Hair, 41 - Long Hair
Form Id Name Type
00011B64 Apex Blade Sword